High housing costs, poor housing quality, overcrowded living conditions, unstable neighborhoods, residential mobility and episodes of homelessness all have detrimental impact on child and family well-being.


    Schools, healthcare facilities, neighborhood centers, and child and family services organizations can provide early identification of, and timely and appropriate responses to, indicators of housing distress.


To promote and facilitate access to stable housing as a base for improved child and family well-being.   

Guest Blog: Today's post is by Joy Moses, writer and consultant on issues impacting low-income individuals and families, who has been working with us on policy and advocacy strategies. Here is her latest update on the 114th Congress.

In recent weeks, Congress introduced a series of bills focused on homelessness. Although they were considered during previous sessions, they are now a part of the 114th Congress with a possibility of someday reaching President Obama’s desk. Youth and veterans are targeted, potentially improving their housing options, educational opportunities, and supportive services.

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