The housing crisis has led to increasing rates of overcrowding, forced displacement, poor housing conditions, and recurrent family homelessness.


    Schools, healthcare systems, and community-based child and family services organizations must become the “first responders.”


To promote and facilitate strategies in communities that ensure access to stable and adequate housing as the vital platform for child and family health and well-being.   


  ♦  Taking action to improve how and where families live when rents are not affordable…


  ♦  Helping to bridge the gap between research, policy and practice in the field…


  ♦  Developing collaborative and cross-sector Housing Safety Nets… 


In November 2017, the Center for Social Innovation at the University of Southern California invited Founder and CEO of Partnering for Change, Tanya Tull, to share with students her journey as a social innovator over a 35+ year career. This is the videotaped presentation.