High housing costs, poor housing quality, overcrowded living conditions, unstable neighborhoods, residential mobility and episodes of homelessness all have detrimental impact on child and family well-being.

    Schools, healthcare facilities, neighborhood centers, and child and family services organizations can provide early identification of, and timely and appropriate responses to, indicators of housing distress.

To develop and promote policies and strategies to ensure access to stable & permanent housing for vulnerable families and children.  

Los Angeles, CA – Our new website is up and we’re excited to share our work with you! Although we continue to develop the website – editing and adding additional information, citations, and links – we feel that the currrent focus of our efforts – the Housing Stability Assessment Initiative – is clearly presented. Next week, we will begin posting Guest Blogs. We will also post information about the new L.A. Promise Zone, in which we are a Collaborative Partner.  We extend our deep appreciation to the volunteers, our Board of Directors, and members of our National Advisory Council who contributed to the development of this new site. We especially thank Joe Popp for his technical expertise and coding. Thank you, Joe, for fixing things after I tried to fix them myself! Please share this website with others whom you think my be interested in supporting our work – or whose work ...

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