People may know about the issue, research it, write about it, and talk about it, but rarely is any serious action actually taken to address the problem for families experiencing housing crises right now.


    Schools, healthcare systems, and child and family services organizations must become vocal and pro-active advocates for safe, decent and adequate housing for children and families they serve.


To promote and facilitate strategies in communities that ensure access to stable and adequate housing – as the vital platform for child and family well-being.   

This article was featured in the OP-ED Section of the NY Times this week. “There are millions of Americans whose suffering, through material poverty and poor health, is as bad or worse than that of the people in Africa or in Asia……This evidence supports on-the-ground observation in the United States – documenting the daily horrors of life for the several million people in the United States who actually do live on $2 a day, in both urban and rural America.”