High housing costs, poor housing quality, overcrowded living conditions, unstable neighborhoods, residential mobility and episodes of homelessness all have detrimental impact on child and family well-being.


    Schools, healthcare facilities, neighborhood centers, and child and family services organizations can provide early identification of, and timely and appropriate responses to, indicators of housing distress.


To promote and facilitate access to stable housing as a base for improved child and family well-being.   

This BLOG will periodically post articles of significant interest to those seeking to understand the housing affordability crisis. The following review of an analysis of the problem by Wharton real estate economist Todd Sinai  (by RICHARD FLORIDA, May 20, 2015 – From The Atlantic CITYLAB) helps to demystify what often seems perplexing and complex to the public at-large:

A new analysis finds that what we see today is basically “the current manifestation of a long-run trend.”

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