People may know about the issue, research it, write about it, and talk about it, but rarely is any serious action actually taken to address the problem for families experiencing housing crises right now.


    Schools, healthcare systems, and child and family services organizations must become vocal and pro-active advocates for safe, decent and adequate housing for children and families they serve.


To promote and facilitate strategies in communities that ensure access to stable and adequate housing as the vital platform for child and family health and well-being.   

We can no longer “build ourselves out of this mess.” Those days are long gone! The housing shortage, particularly in rental housing, has become a national nightmare. In many cities, families can no longer purchase homes and either rent long-term or move long distances away and commute in. This, of course, pushes the rents up for those who are already paying their limit. No one should be surprised that there are increases in homelessness in many cities and even suburbs, particularly among families with children. This article from the Brookings Institute came across my desk today – full of new ideas! Unpacking the “housing shortage” puzzle – Jenny Schuetz and Cecile Murray, April 25, 2018