Mission & Vision

Our Mission:

To promote and facilitate strategies  in communities that ensure access to stable and adequate housing as the vital platform for child and family health and well-being.

 Our Vision: 

We envision a world in which access to safe, decent, and affordable housing for vulnerable families and children has been prioritized at the federal level, facilitated through diverse service systems at the state level, and ensured at the local level through integrated, family-centered, and community-based strategies.

 Our Approach:

Partnering for Change understands the vital role of innovation as a tool for social change.  Re-visioning requires innovative thinking, creative problem-solving, and risk-taking. 

Our work is grounded by the real-life experiences of vulnerable families and children and the challenges they face daily.  Local programs and communities are the “social laboratories” in which this process of moving from ideas to action to impact originates and occurs.

Our efforts are also framed within a context based on, and informed by, the progressive realization of basic human rights, including the human right to adequate housing.

 Recognizing that complex, intersecting problems like family homelessness, poverty, and housing instability are best addressed by aligning and integrating existing resources and systems in new ways, Partnering for Change works together with strategic partners to promote proven and/or promising program models and systems change approaches and to develop new models and approaches based upon the following key principles:

  • 1.    Housing is a basic human right.

  • 2.   Safe, decent and affordable housing provides the vital platform for improved child and family well-being.

  • 3.   Strategies to promote child and family well-being should be provided within a context of basic human rights, including the right to adequate housing, income, food, education, healthcare, and necessary social services.