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The Housing Stability Organizational Survey

Organizations and institutions that work directly with low-income families and children often suspect that the incidence of housing distress among their clients / patients / students is much higher than their actual records might indicate.  The Housing Stability Organizational Survey will help you to find out more about the housing conditions of families you serve  and challenges to staff in responding.


This is Phase 1 of the Housing Stability Assessment Initiative – and requires no further involvement after completion. The information gained, however, will help to inform and direct the Housing Stability Assessment Initiative as we take it to scale.


The first steps:  

1.  The Partnering for Change Housing Stability Organizational Survey can be administered to direct services staff by SurveyMonkey, an online system that takes very little time to complete.

2.  If you prefer to conduct the survey by hard copy, we can do that too.

3.  Answers are based primarily upon the individual and personal experiences of each staff respondent.

4.  This type of data collection does not represent a scientific collection of data from client/patient/student files, but instead helps to assess whether or not there is actually enough of a problem to merit further research into the issue.

5.  Focus groups by conference call (or in-person) with key staff and other stakeholders help to provide additional insight and information.

6.  We then write up a report, with recommendations for action – while the cumulative information from diverse service systems helps to guide and inform the Housing Stability Assessment Initiative as a whole.

Schools, healthcare systems & health clinics, child &  family services providers:

If you would like to conduct an online Housing Stability Assessment Survey to identify the extent of housing instability, housing insecurity, inadequate housing, or homelessness among the families and/or children you serve, please contact us to discuss your specific needs.