Frequently Asked Questions

Does Partnering for Change provide direct housing services?

We do not provide direct housing services to families.

Does Partnering for Change operate direct services programs?

We do not operate direct services programs directly for families and children.

Does Partnering for Change provide consulting to other organizations?

Yes, we  provide consulting to both the private and public sectors on topics listed under CONSULTING and in the areas of program development, capacity-building, technical assistance, and family-focused, housing-based policy and advocacy strategies.

Are there fees associated with consulting to nonprofit organizations?

We offer introductory phone calls at no cost – up to one hour. Technical assistance or other services thereafter are often free-of-charge, depending upon current funding. Fees for consulting, training and technical assistance activities that develop from these initial contacts, if not-funded, are generally based upon a sliding scale, taking into account scope of work and size of organization or locality.

Our agency/organization/school/healthcare facility would like to find out how prevalent housing instability is for our client/student/patient families. How can we do so?

Contact us to learn about our online survey through which direct services staff can help to identify the extent and types of housing instability client/student/patient families appeared to have experienced over a specific past timeframe. The online survey can also indicate that housing instability is not a major problem to worry about at your specific organization/school/healthcare facility.