The HomeZone Pilot Project

Partnering for Change is currently leading the development of the HomeZone Pilot Project in the L.A. Promise Zone to address the deplorable housing conditions and prevalence of housing instability among families and children in the area. The HomeZone Pilot Project will serve as a demonstration for adaptation in other neighborhoods and communities.


The L.A. Promise Zone is a collective impact initiative involving leaders from government, local institutions, non-profits and community organizations.  Targeting resources to create jobs, boost public safety, improve public education and stimulate better housing opportunities for Los Angeles residents and neighborhoods, the effort prioritizes four related goals: advancing economic opportunity, improving education, making neighborhoods safe, and building sustainable, livable places.


Located within 57 adjacent census tracts in central Los Angeles, the L.A. Promise Zone includes five diverse yet distinct neighborhoods: Hollywood, East Hollywood, Wilshire Center, MacArthur Park/Westlake and Pico Union.  It is composed of a majority Latino population (59 percent), followed by Asians (18 percent), Whites (17 percent), and African Americans (4 Percent) (City of Los Angeles, U.S. Census American Community Survey 2008-2012).



Nearly one-quarter of Promise Zone households earn less than $15,000 each year, and educational attainment for adults is weak, with 35% of the population 25 years of age and older having obtained less than a high school diploma. The Promise Zone has alarming high school dropout rates, high unemployment, and a shortage of affordable housing. Families unable to pay the high rent on adequate space are often forced to live in overcrowded conditions and substandard housing, and experience high rates of residential mobility and homelessness. Based on the most recent census, for example, a total of 3,173 renters are living in shared housing conditions, in which two separate households live in the same rental unit. Due to this and other factors, the Los Angeles Promise Zone has a much higher population density than the rest of Los Angeles (33,585 vs. 8,117 persons per square mile) (U.S. Census Data – 2014 Community American Survey).


The HomeZone Pilot Project will support L.A. Promise Zone goals by promoting and facilitating housing stability among families with children living in the L.A. Promise Zone or served by programs and services based there.




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