Tools We’ve Created


Rapid Re-Housing for Homeless Populations: Program & Community Strategies for Recruiting Private Market Landlords & Overcoming Housing Barriers  This practice brief discusses housing barriers commonly faced by homeless households and highlights promising and successful techniques, tools, and policies agencies and communities across the country are utilizing to build partnerships with landlords and overcome these barriers.  Communities wishing to develop new, or strengthen existing, rapid re-housing initiatives can look to these strategies as models for adaption,
recognizing that replication is not realistic nor even desirable, given that conditions, needs, resources, and opportunities vary from one community to another.

The strategies and tools outlined in the brief are intentionally diverse and range from those that can be implemented by single agencies serving homeless persons to those requiring community-level commitment, resources, coordination, and/or policies to implement.  As such, the brief is intended to speak to the challenges and opportunities of the broad array of actors and stakeholders responsible for addressing homelessness today.


FAMILY SURVIVAL GUIDE    Family Survival Guide (96 pages)

This manual was developed by Beyond Shelter to assist homeless families newly relocated to permament housing .  In clear and simple language, the Family Survival Guide addresses practical matters of everyday life that are vital for housing stability and family well-being, including money management, health care and nutrition, parenting, child care and development, interpersonal violence, housekeeping and home safety. A community resources directory within the manual enables a case manager or other individual working with a family to “personalize” the pages with specific names, phone numbers, and addresses responsive to a particular family’s needs and available in the neighborhood or community.  (Spanish language version available upon request.) We have included information on maintaining family relationships, tenant rights and responsibilities, money management, health care, and resources that you can find in your community – practical matters of everyday life. Upload PDF English version here:   FamilySurvivalGuide