Overview – consulting

WHAT WE DO: We  simplify and demystify what sometimes seem to be complex and often contradictory protocols and practices, rules and regulations, challenges and barriers, and “square pegs to fit into round holes.”


OUR TEAM:  Members of the Partnering for Change “consulting team” represent researchers, policymakers, practitioners & social entrepreneurs with expertise in a wide range of family-centric, housing-centered issues.


HOW WE DO IT: We identify key components and basic principles that are universally applicable – yet at the same time responsive & adaptable to local environments and existing resources,  with a focus on stable housing as a base for child and family well-being.


SPECIAL  NEEDS:  In addition to direct consultations, webinar presentations & training sessions can be specifically developed responsive to your agency’s or locale’s resources and special needs, with a focus on cross-sector, place-based program development.


INNOVATION: We welcome opportunities to participate in problem-solving to address local challenges around the issue of housing instability and the well-being of vulnerable families and their children.