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The Housing Stability Interventions Initiative 

PHASE 1: The prevalence and impact of housing instability is documented in terms of both the extent of the problem and its impact on other outcomes.

  • The first instrument, a Housing Instability Organizational Survey, is administered to direct services staff in order to assess their individual and collective experience in addressing housing crises experienced by both unstably housed and homeless families during the current or previous year.
  • Survey questions are modified to reflect the services sector, target population, geographic context (eg. urban or rural), challenges to addressing housing issues, and perceived or evidence-based impact of housing distress on children, youth and families served.
  • Data scans and focus groups with key staff and other stakeholders help to inform the process and a report is developed. The test site may then decide to terminate participation or to continue. 

PHASE 2: The customized Family Housing Stability Assessment tool is developed with input from test site staff and other stakeholders to strengthen housing assessments and protocols currently is use.

  • This tool may be utilized upon intake, as indicators of possible housing are identified during services delivery, or when someone directly requests assistance.  

PHASE 3: Together with key staff, a Housing Interventions Matrix is developed to help guide intervention strategies.

  • This third tool is refined to both improve access to appropriate services and resources and to fill gaps in services and resources to address indicators of housing instability for the target population.
  • Over the next 12-month period, protocols and practices are developed, modified, refined, evaluated and refined again. 


If you are interested in testing any component of this initiative, please contact us on the form below. We can provide a basic framework for your own demonstration of this approach or work with you together on each phase. 

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