Expand Our Network

We are interested in opportunities to contribute to already-existing efforts and initiatives promoting housing stability as a major social determinant of health and well-being for children, youth, and families. 

We welcome opportunities to participate in problem-solving to address local challenges around the issue of housing instability, the development of new resources and services, and the transition to a focus on stable housing as the vital platform for child, youth, and family health and well-being.

Conduct Research & Demonstration Projects

We welcome opportunities to support academic research across and within diverse sectors to test new approaches (and the scaling up of already tested approaches) to housing instability among families with childrenincluding social determinants of health, racial equity, and the human right to adequate housing. This includes multi-site initiatives and in communities, both rural and urban, across the country.


We welcome participation in creative and collaborative problem-solving to help facilitate the transition to a housing-focused framework within mainstream and community-based services systems. Our approach is integration and adaptation of key implementation strategies that can enhance existing services delivery systems. The list below provides examples of possibly synergistic affiliations and is not all-inclusive.

  • Public School Systems
  • Community Colleges & Higher Education
  • Early Childhood Education & Head Start Programs
  • Community-Based Child, Youth & Family Services
  • Community & Neighborhood Development
  • Homelessness Prevention Initiatives
  • Healthcare Services Delivery Systems
  • Medicaid & Health Insurance Providers
  • Local, State & Federal Government Initiatives
  • Cross-Sector Academic Research Collaborations
  • Philanthropic Initiatives
  • Human Rights Advocates
  • Affordable Housing Advocates
  • Fair Housing Initiatives

Opportunities for direct participation include …

Online Organizational Surveys  

Organizational surveys help to identify the prevalence and types of housing instability within a community, a services system, or an organization—directly from front-line staff. Data scans and focus groups help to inform the process. In large urban areas, organizational assessments could target representative organizations in low-income neighborhoods or communities.  

Become a Test Site

Schools, child, youth, and family services, and health and mental healthcare systems can develop both sector-based and place-based screening and assessment tools in response to indicators of housing instability they wish to focus on. Consider working with us directly and become a “test site” through a collective impact framework. Our approach is collaborative and place-based.

Social Impact Housing Investment Collaboratives

In Los Angeles, we are convening a coalition of non-traditional stakeholders from both the public and private sectors to facilitate the development and management of affordable rental housing units through the adaptive re-use of existing properties and innovative construction models. The initial effort will target Opportunity Zones in the LA Promise Zone and in South Los Angeles.

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