Key Initiatives 

 Our Approach

We believe that the strengths of already existing mainstream and community-based services systems can be further enhanced through a refocusing on societal challenges beyond their traditional domains. Our local initiatives in the City and County of Los Angeles have provided us the context within which to explore the challenges to developing a cross-sector and adaptable housing interventions framework targeted to vulnerable and disadvantaged children, youth, and families.

Our work is grounded by the real-life experiences of vulnerable families and children and the challenges they face daily. We believe that local programs and communities are the “social laboratories” in which this process of moving from ideas to action to impact originates and occurs.

We also understand the vital role of innovation as a tool for social change. Re-visioning requires innovative thinking, creative problem-solving, and risk-taking.

Our efforts are framed within a context based on, and informed by, the progressive realization of basic human rights, including the basic human right to adequate housing.

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